Ecumenical Bible Week in Dublin

Something called an Ecumenical Bible Week is being held in and around Dublin this week (15th-22nd May). Some of the events are taking place in Novus Ordo Churches

This disgraceful event involves many denominations of Protestants (including Quakers, Methodists and Church of Ireland) joining with Novus Ordo Catholics to pray and talk about our environment, “global warming” and the Earth.

Just a reminder: religion should lead man to the contemplation of God, not the Earth. Turning away from God to concentrate on the environment as if it were the most important thing on Earth is pantheism – a heresy which says that God is in everything and therefore everything is God.

So, not only is this abominable event heretical due to its ecumenical nature (First Commandment: “Thou shalt not have strange Gods before Me”) but it is also tinged with the heresy of pantheism.

Time for some Catechism. This is what Deharbe’s Catechism says:

(Part 1: Faith, Chapter 2: Necessity of Faith.)

17. Is faith necessary to salvation? 

Faith is absolutely necessary to salvation; for “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebr. 9:6).

“He that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mark 16:16).


18. Will any faith save us?

No; only the true faith, which the Catholic Church teaches, will save us.


19. Why has the Catholic Church alone the true faith?

The Catholic Church alone has the true Faith because she alone received her Faith from Christ Himself through His Apostles, and has always kept it incorrupt.

Application: Rejoice that you are a child of the Catholic Church ; for, as St. Augustine says, there is no wealth so great, no treasure so precious, as the Catholic Faith, because it is the only true, saving Faith.


A link to the Ecumenical Bible Week site can be found at: