The following are some notes taken of Father’s lectures from retreats:

Blessed Sacrament: When an unexpected humiliation comes to me, I should go to Our Lord in the Tabernacle and tell Him all about it, and all will be right. I should take all my troubles to the Tabernacle. Nothing is too big for Our Lord and nothing is too small.

Charity: “Little children…a new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another as I have loved you…” (John xiii. 33-4) Consider your own faults and you will not have the courage to launch out against others. Charity is greater in God’s sight than poverty, chastity or even martyrdom.

The Church The Church is unlike all other earthly institution, worldwide, irrespective of peoples and nations, in all nations alike. It stands the test of time and is unchanging. There must be something more than human in it. All things human change.

Heaven: We should be homesick for Heaven, since it is our home.

The Holy Ghost: The Holy Ghost is dwelling within us, and this thought of the presence of God within us was the greatest help to the saints in acquiring sanctity. Have recourse to the Holy Spirit in all trials, and teach devotion to Him. Never undertake any work without asking in prayer for His light.

Love of Our Lord:  Jesus in my soul to sanctify it, in my heart to possess it, and in my work to bless it.

The great antidote for sin is personal love of Christ.

Prayer: Perseverance in prayer is necessary if we want our petitions answered. 

We may never be called upon to do anything more heroic than more our morning meditation well.

Prayer is the greatest power on earth. St. Patrick’s prayer converted the Irish nation. St. Teresa kept the Reformation out of Spain by her union with God in prayer.

In prayer, don’t mind the scaffolding. Get at God.

Resignation:  To say Deo Gratias  to all things is to be a saint.

Self-love and self-denial: Try to lead a comfortless life. Every victory over self is a victory for God.

We shall acquire personal love of Our Lord by going against our self-love, rooting it out of out hearts.

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