Preparation for Holy Communion

Holy Communion before Vatican IIHoly Communion before Vatican II

The preparation for Communion is twofold – remote and proximate. The remote preparation consists in detachment from creatures. When you wish to receive Jesus Christ, you should remove from your breast all earthly affections which you know to be displeasing to him. This is precisely what Our Lord once said to St. Gertrude:

“I want nothing more from you than that you come to receive Me with a heart divested of all self-love.”

As to the immediate preparation, you should begin in the evening before Communion by acts of love and desire. As soon as you awake in the morning, consider that you are to receive Jesus Christ, and, with a fervent aspiration, invite your spouse to hasten into your soul.

Ven. Segneri used to say, that for a person going to Communion, the most appropriate sentiment is one of astonishment, which would make him exclaim, What! a God to me! a God to me!

Our Redeemer said to St. Matilda, “When you communicate, desire to have the greatest love which the saints have had for Me; and, in return for this desire, I will accept your love in proportion to the fervour with which you wished for it.”

An Act of Desire


Taken from The Treasury of the Sacred Heart; the Anthonian Press, Temple Street, Dublin.

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Imprimatur H. E. Card. Van Roey, Arch. Mechlin. 6 March 1930