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Loopholes in SSPX Logic

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  • The SSPX/ Resistance cannot hold the Ecclesiology that the Church has always taught because of the specific mixture of the (“traditional”) Catholicism with the belief that the modernist/heretic/apostate is a true pope.”What the Church has always taught” would mean that one is under “full and supreme power of jurisdiction” of the man who is the Roman Pontiff. “Remember also that the government and administration of the whole Church rests with the Roman Pontiff to whom (…) the full power of nourishing, ruling and governing the universal Church was given by Christ the Lord.” (Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos)
  • In reality, the SSPX/ Resistance is ignoring all of the powers of the Roman Pontiff. If it were possible for divine jurisdiction and heresy to coexist in the same office,  one would be able to accept both mentioned values of the “pope”: heresy and jurisdiction. SSPX/ Resistance priests don’t place themselves under his jurisdiction – it might be only because they know that jurisdiction flows from the Faith, not from heresy. The practical position of someone who professes that there isn’t any necessary disagreement between jurisdiction and heresy could be a bishop, maybe, or a priest who preached against the heresies of his pope – but remained under the pope’s jurisdiction, a priest who worked in a N.O. diocese and parish. The SSPX/Resistance recognise neither the authority of the “Pope”, nor his jurisdiction. What is the pope for them? Do they hold a probable opinion, as Archbishop Lefebvre once said:”I do not say that the pope is not the pope, but I do not say either that one cannot say that the pope is not the pope.” (Taken from Opinionism by Father Cekada in I can add that now, with Jorge Bergoglio, the SSPX/Resistanace are able to say that he is a true pope, but he is not in a position to even authoritatively preach about the existence of God (“I do not believe in a Catholic God” – Francis).
  • For the Resistance, it seems that the N.O. ecumenical church is not the Catholic Church either, because they do not want to “talk” to it, they do not want to be “in agreement” with it, thus contradicting their position of anti-sedevacantism.

    To “recognise a pope” and to resist him and all the hierarchy, which is in union with him, on the ground of his magisterium – pertaining to ecclesiology, canonisations, validation of an Old Covenant, his Law and Catechism – seems to be very grave, since it is a state of permanent contradiction;  because to the true Pope you owe subordination. We again read in Unam Sanctam:

    “Therefore whoever resists this power thus ordained by God, resists the ordinance of God. [Rom 13:2]”

    However if his authority is not from God, but has been stolen and is working against Christ, every Catholic who knows his Faith, should call it false.

    Those who act their state of mind in doubt, suspicion, or uncertain opinion are guilty of sin and they are imprudent and lovers of danger; guilty of the species and gravity of sin.” (Moral Theology, op. cit., Vol. I, 663)

    We can say that such a state of mind causes blindness of reason – a kind of spiritual sickness; these kinds of people are not able to speak: “yeas, yes, no, no,” but say “We cannot be sure.”

  • One wonders then what kind of ecclesiology does the SSPX/ Resistance/Novus Ordo have/ believe/ propose. But what we have heard from Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko is that all the N.O. magisterium is heretical, not a word of it is acceptable, all of it should be burned (that is right) and only the pope is a true pope (even though he is a heretic). One is supposed to admit that one has a very high false mountain before one’s eyes, but the very top of it isn’t false, only the truth. Bishop Williamson isn’t in full agreement with Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko. He teaches that the N.O. does not have to be abandoned “if it nourishes someone’s faith.” There are general rules, golden rules, rules of rules and the rules of nourishment, so I could rather say that this is no teaching at all. 


    Interview with Bishop Williamson: It’s okay to go to the Novus Ordo as long as it “nourishes your faith”:

  • Do the SSPX/ Resistance believe in the Church without any authority and jurisdiction and infallibility, but with the true Pope? This contradicts the teaching of the First Vatican Council in full – “But since in this very age when the salutary effectiveness of the apostolic office is most especially needed, not a few are to found who disparage its authority, we judge it absolutely necessary to affirm solemnly the prerogative which the only-begotten Son of God was pleased to attach to the supreme pastoral office.”
  • An additional aspect of the “Resistance” (also the SSPX most of the time) is the belief that the existing conciliar hierarchy is the true Catholic hierarchy – and at the same time – that there is “inherent doubt” about the new consecrations and ordinations (it must make the hierarchy invalid). They state that “Pope” Francis is a layman and he is not “truly Catholic”; I suppose this just means that he isn’t a Catholic. These statements are on the website: (Posts: Is Francis I a valid pope?; Pope France I is no conservative!) [Note: is no longer an operating site; the link given is from a website archive] “Thus, Pope Francis is the legitimate pope with full jurisdiction, even though his ordination to the priesthood, and consecration as a bishop, are inherently doubtful.” “How pleasant it would have been for all of us to have discovered on Wednesday March 13th 2013 that a truly Catholic pope has been elected!” And there are given links to longer articles – Doubtfulness of New Catholic Ordination Rite, A Reason to Conditionally Ordain All Priests Who Have Been Ordained Using the Modern Ordination Riteprobably by Bishop Tissier. Anyway, the “Resistance” priests invoke these invalid bishops as true Bishops during the Mass Canon. Do they believe in the Church, whose almost entire hierarchy consists of laymen and non-Catholics?