Where has the Catholic Church gone?

Q: If the Novus Ordo Church is not the true Church, where has the Catholic Church gone?

St. Peter's BasilicaSt. Peter’s Basilica

The Catholic Church remains with those who remain faithful to Her, who didn’t go with the N.O. ecumenical church and its head, and with those who overcame their ignorance and converted to It.

During and after VII there were bishops and priests who didn’t accept these doctrinal changes: Bishop Thuc, Bishop de Castro Mayer and Bishop Blasius Sigbald Kurz from China. On the other hand, there were also those who were terrified by what had happened. They preferred to retire than to speak out (for example: Bishop Alfredo Medez-Gonzalezm Puerto Rico, who later consecrated Bishop Clarence Kelly, SSPV).

Fr. Joachim Saenz y Arriaga, in 1962, published “The Plot against the Church”, a book which exposed the heresies of Nostra Aetate. He was the first who said that Paul VI is not a pope any more. Other well known priests who said that the papacy is vacant: Fr. Neil Barbara, Fr. Stiepanich, and later Fr. L. Guerard des Lauriers and others. In Germany, in 1966, Una Voce – Gruppe Maria” declared that the Holy See is vacant. There was a similar situation during the Reformation in England, where only one bishop, Bishop John Fisher, opposed King Henry VIII.

“The Catholic Church is unique in its essence, in its doctrine, in its origin, and in its excellence. (…) unity, as the principle of its constitution – a unity surpassing all else (…). And, therefore, it was no more allowable to repudiate one iota of the Apostles’ teaching than it was to reject any point of the doctrine of Christ Himself. (…) Hence She [the Church] regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of Her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from Her own.” (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum)